Treatment of toenail fungus folk remedies: reviews and recommendations

Today, most patients for one reason or another have tried the treatment of toenail fungus folk remedies. Some are terribly concerned that modern medicines can greatly affect their health (namely the liver), while others, on the contrary, have not received adequate results from them. Usually folk remedies are resorted to in the most extreme cases, when they are already completely disappointed with the advice and recommendations of doctors.

Important facts about the treatment of toenail fungus folk remedies

First of all, it is necessary to mention the main feature of traditional medicine - it is harmless only when you clearly know what you are doing. In the case of treating nail fungus, you must be prepared for the fact that the process can take several months, and in particularly neglected forms, a year or more. A lot of attention will have to be paid to personal hygiene, especially during the procedure (baths, wraps, removal of the affected areas of the nail plate). It is also impossible to rule out the possibility of recurrence, which most often occurs due to lack of preventive measures or ignoring the rules of disinfection (old shoes, bath, towels, socks, etc. ). But the most important thing in the process of healing folk methods is not to harm yourself, because. the fungus is a very persistent infectious disease, which can be eliminated only by means that have a "burning" effect.

Treatment of toenail fungus with apple cider vinegar

Today, apple cider vinegar is considered one of the most effective ways to treat toenail fungus with folk remedies. It is used both for self-medication and as an adjunct in combination with antifungal drugs. The most popular recipe: 100 ml of apple cider vinegar is mixed with 100 ml of vegetable oil. The resulting mixture is absorbed into a cotton swab which is applied to the affected nail plate. To achieve the maximum effect, the cotton wool is wrapped with tape and kept for several hours every day for a month. Note that the process is usually accompanied by tingling and tingling. Those who cannot afford to buy new shoes often use apple cider vinegar to disinfect insoles.

How to treat nail fungus with hydrogen peroxide?

The second most effective folk remedy in the fight against nail fungus is hydrogen peroxide, which is known for its antibacterial properties. Most often, the peroxide is instilled under the nail plate and tied tightly with tape to prevent evaporation.

apple cider vinegar for toenail fungustherapeutic bath for toenail funguspropolis against toenail fungus

Before the procedure, the feet are thoroughly steamed, and the affected nails are cut off to the maximum. Baths based on 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and warm water received a lot of positive feedback. They are used for auxiliary or preventive purposes.

Can Toenail Fungus Cure With Iodine?

Be careful! Iodine can cause an allergic reaction, so make sure you can tolerate this medicine before starting treatment. Drop 2 drops of alcohol iodine on the elbow of the hand and leave for one day. If irritation and redness occur, iodine is contraindicated!

If you believe the reviews of many who have recovered from toenail fungus, then iodine in one degree or another contributed to a speedy recovery. Some used an alcoholic solution of iodine as the main drug, others as an additional drug in combination with modern drugs. The most popular recipe: 1-2 drops of iodine solution are applied to the affected nail twice a day for three weeks. The first results are visible after 10 days of regular procedures. Tingling, mild itching and tingling may indicate imminent recovery.

Garlic is a great fungicide!

Garlic is probably one of the oldest folk remedies for treating toenail fungus, which has been passed down to us from our grandparents. The main advantages of this method are simplicity and efficiency. A few heads of garlic are crushed to a homogeneous mass and applied to the affected nail, wrapped with tape or fingertips. Keep the bandage on for an hour every day for two weeks. You need to be prepared for a strong burning sensation in the first few days. The main disadvantage of garlic is the smell that does not disappear even after thorough washing of the feet.

Celandine is stronger than fungi

Continuing the theme of old recipes from the past, let's talk about celandine - a poisonous plant known for its medicinal properties. As you might have guessed, it is the juice of this plant, which is great in the fight against fungal diseases. Today there are a huge number of recipes based on celandine juice, but the following are most commonly used: fresh plant is ground in a meat grinder and the resulting liquid is applied to the affected nail plates until recovery (usually the process takes weeks to a month).

Propolis against nail fungus

Should I repeat once again about the healing properties of propolis? Not surprisingly, it is used in the treatment of fungal diseases. The use of propolis does not guarantee 100% relief from the disease, but it significantly increases the chances of recovery and improves the clinical picture. The most commonly used is a 20% solution of propolis, which is used to wipe the affected areas of the skin and nail plate. Some prefer propolis-based compresses, which are applied after careful preparation of the affected area (steaming, removal of infected parts of the nail).

As you can see, there are a huge number of folk remedies for treating toenail fungus, and each of them is effective in its own way. But none of them will bring you the right result if you neglect the rules of personal hygiene during the treatment of fungal infections!